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Parasites in Your Colon and a Way to Get Rid of Them

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Every human wish to live a healthy life, but this seems impossible in the presence of parasites. Parasites or parasitic organism is a living thing that lives in or on another organism. These parasites causes number of various diseases and thus affect humans badly. This is one fact that almost 80 % population of the world has parasites. These parasites may live in your colon. In fact your colon is a better place for parasites and other organisms to breed and live.  Most of them are harmful for human and enter into the human body through various ways. They may enter into your body through the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and through sexual activities also.

Though this is one fact that by using more & more fruits and vegetables, we may get rid of a number of parasites, but not from all, still they exist in our bodies. We find single cell protozoan, molds, parasites, fungus, viruses, bacteria, worms, and yeast, etc in our colon. Never think that you don’t have parasites in your body, though you living a healthy life. Sometime these parasites do not show any single symptom for a number of years and even some time doctors fail to diagnose parasites. You may suffer from these parasites for years without knowing why you don’t have a good health or just feel run down all the times. Here are some common types of parasites, which you may see in your colon.

01-                     Round Worms

You get round worms by eating improperly cooked meat or by handling dogs or cats, which may be infested with round worms. These roundworms can be up to 14 inches. You cannot imagine how much these round worms are harmful for human health.

02-                     Tapeworms

We acquired these tapeworms by eating improperly cooked beef, pork and fish. The length of these tapeworms may vary from person to person. It may up to 6 inches larger in length.

03-                     Pinworms

These pinworms are mostly found in children, who get them from other children by touching their infected clothing, toys, and dirty hands. Pinworms are too much harmful for Childs. They really put bad impact on their health. These pinworms also vary in length and their germs easily transmitted from one person to another.

04-                     Giardiasis

It is actually a protozoan that is commonly found in travelers. You easily see this parasite in untreated water, contaminated food, and easily transmitted from one person to another through sexual experience.

05-                     Bistoplasma Capsalatum

This is an infectious fungus that is found in soil and dirt. This fungus causes lung disease in human.

Above all are some of the common types of parasites that usually seen in human. It is really important to get rid of them. How you may get rid of them? It is an amazing device Hulda Clark Parazapper by ParaZapper that uses electrical pulses to kill many parasites such as bacteria, protozoa, and fungi, as well as other harmful organisms in just few minutes.

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